Prof. habil. dr. Rimantas Barauskas
Kauno Technologijos Universitetas, Informatikos fak.
Taikomosios informatikos katedra

Audinio modeliavimas: diskretinių elementų kontaktų paieška ir jų valdymas siūlų lygmenyje = Fabric modelling: collision detection and response of discrete elements in yarns
Rimantas Barauskas, Mindaugas Kuprys.

The paper deals with the modelling of the physical behaviour of woven structures imitating the textile fabrics. The model is based on a combined approach which presents longitudinal elastic properties of each yarn by a system of non-volumetric structural elements (springs), while the collision search and response algorithm works in the 3D space based on tight- tting of the yarns by using oriented bounding boxes (OBB). The separation axis theorem (SAT) for collision detection between OBBs is performed. Collision response is obtained by applying the impulsemomentum principle to colliding nodes thus avoiding interpenetrations of the yarns. A simpli ed approach is applied in order to take into account the deformation of the cross-section of a yarn. It is assumed that the cross-sectional area remains constant all the time while its shape is elliptic with changing lengths of axes. Numerical examples of simulation of tension, warp and shooting-through the fabric are presented.
LeidėjasTechnologija, 2005
PublikacijaInformacinės technologijos 2005 : konferencijos pranešimų medžiaga, p. 157-169
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