Prof. habil. dr. Rimantas Barauskas
Kauno Technologijos Universitetas, Informatikos fak.
Taikomosios informatikos katedra

Modelling physical behaviour of the unidirectional composite materials with FEM Using reduced data
Dalia Čalnerytė, Rimantas Barauskas.

The aim of the work is to develop multi-scale finite element (FE) models ofunidirectional fiber composite materials. This enables to create the models of reasonabledimensions, which are able to present adequately the mechanical behavior of the highlycomplex internal micro-structure of the material. As a sample structure, the sheet of epoxyreinforced with fibers is considered. The homogenized material properties of the shell FE at themacro-scale are obtained by performing a proper sequence of numerical experiments on therefined finite element structure of the representative volume of the composite. The representativevolume is a micro-cube, the FE model of which presents physical and geometrical properties at themicro-scale periodically recurring within the overall volume of the composite. The behavior ofthe micro-cube is simulated including large deformation and failure. Linear material properties areobtained by using pure strains assumptions in the implicit analysis of the micro-cube, while thenon-linear behavior and failure parameters require the explicit dynamic analysis. Simulation isperformed by using LS-DYNA finite element software.
LeidėjasUniversity of Latvia
PublikacijaBaltic journal of modern computing, 2015, vol. 3, iss. 1, p. 16-28
Duomenų bazėEmerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science)
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